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How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook messages have most of our past & secret conversation between friends and relations because deleting messages on Facebook is not as simple as removing emails. This will be painful when you see an old conversation between you and your special one, or maybe you are angry and want to erase them all at once.
Here are some easy hacks to erase your old and suspicious conversation:

How to delete all messages at once on Facebook Messenger

Are you thinking to all your Facebook Messenger’s messages then it is not a complicated task. All you need is to a PC with Google Chrome browser in it. Google Chrome has an extension for almost anything procedural, and there is also an extension tool that can delete the entire messages of your Facebook inbox. The extension is ‘Facebook-Delete All Messages’ delete all messages instantly, with just a few clicks.

Steps to install an extension on Chrome to delete all messages from Facebook Messenger

1.    Open ‘Google Chrome’ browser on your desktop.
2.    Go to ‘Chrome Web Store’ to download the extension.
3.    Click on the ‘Search box’ of Chrome web store.
4.    And search for ‘Facebook-Delete All Messages.’
5.    Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ blue color button next to the extension name in the search result.
6.    Now, click ‘Add extension’ in the prompt window. Doing this will download and install the extension in your Chrome browser.

Steps to delete all messages at once using extension

When you download and install extension successfully in your Chrome browser, now go through the steps to erase all messages at once.
1.    Go to the Facebook website to launch Facebook homepage.
2.    Enter your ‘Email or Phone’ and ‘Password’ to Log in on Facebook.
3.    Click on ‘Login.’
4.    Click on the ‘Massager’ icon. It is between the Friend Request and Notification icon on the upper-right corner of the page.
5.    Click on ‘View All in Messenger’ at the bottom of the Message’s popup window.
6.    Now, click on the ‘Facebook-Delete All Messages,’ (Facebook Messenger logo with a red cross ‘X’ mark on it) icon on the Chrome’s extensions bar.
7.    Go to ‘Open Your Messages’ in the popup window.
8.    Click ‘Begin Deletion’ button. It is a light green button at the top of the page. Before you click on the button, read the warnings written in red color under the Attention section.
9.    Click ‘OK’ in the confirming window.

Now, all the messages and conversion of your account’s inbox will delete. If you still see some messages remain in your inbox, then repeat the process and refresh the page.

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